Mindset Coaching Programs are designed to Unlock the Full Potential of an Individual. By bringing about the base understanding of how the Mind Operates and Integrating simple mental tools into the mix we are able to rewire the Mindset of an Individual which in turn Has Massive Real World Effects on Life, Love, Success, Money, Happiness and Overall Wellbeing. 

What is Mindset?

Definition: A Mindset is the emergent effect of your Conscious Mind acting in concert with your Subconscious Mind and all other Internal and External Influences. 

In other words, a Mindset is the mental limitation that you operate with throughout your day. It is the coordination of your beliefs, habits and behaviors all working in a synchronized manner to influence your actions to a desired result. If these foundational mental attributes are not working within an Optimized state then we will see problems begin to arise in ones life. 

Benefits of Mindset Coaching

Being a Mindset Coach allows me to work with many different people from around the world. Below are some Identitified Benefits that my Clients have Discovered from working with me. 

Business Mindset Coaching

The Mind is like water. Your thoughts, the banks of the river. 

-Develop Focus and Concentration

-Critical Analysis and Decision Making

-Breathing and Meditation Exercises

-Morning Primer Development

-Mental Alignment Towards Success

-Stress Reduction

-Enhanced Creativity

Money Mindset Coach

Personal Development is about the Continuous and Never Ending Improvement of Yourself. 

-Develop a Positive Mental Attitude

-Mental Discipline and Structure

-Control over Habits and Behaviors

-Elimination of Negative Chatter

-Work Life Balance

-Positive Relationship Development

-Development of Rapport and Advanced Communication

What is Mindset

Time is the one Commodity that there is not more of. Spend it wisely. 

-Mind and Body Coherence

-Emotional Balancing

-Clarity of Thought

-Overcoming Obstacles

-Eliminating Fears and Insecurities

-Conflict Resolution

-Problem Solving

-Time and Energy Management

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Mindset Coaching Program

This is a Strategic Coaching Methodology that Breaksdown the Mind and all the External Components that Integrate into Daily Life. For an Individual or Business, this is crititcal when we start analyzing the various mental functions and how they unconsciously dictate our fate. . 

Mindset Coaching


In order to advance our mental states we must first become aware of where we are at. This involves Identification and Acknowledgement through processes of Self-Analysis and Self-Discovery



Making a Decision is the most important thing you can do in your life. It literally sets your course. In this step we Define our Actions and Outcomes then make the conscious choice to perform the actions.



Our subconscious minds are continually at battle with our conscious minds. 80% of your thoughts are negative in nature. The objective of giving Attention towards our Decisions is to create a Positive Mental Construct and begin the process of emotional reassociation.



It is not enough to do this once or twice. We need to be Consistent in this process and with everything that we do. No matter how minor or major we have to develop the Discipline to overcome procrastination and fall in love with ritual.


With technology being so awesome these days it makes what I do very accessible through various platforms like Zoom and Skype.
What is On Demand Coaching?
It is pretty simple really. If you are not the type that wants to have planned sessions throughout the month or maybe you want to add extra time here and there, On Demand Mindset Coaching allows you to schedule witih a 24 hour notice for time frames as short as 15 minutes. 

This is a Subscription based service. 

Executive Mindset Coaching


Your Mindset is everything. It is hard to understand at first, although our Business, Job or whatever function we do outside of our personal life is simply a microcosm of our Mind.
Your business is a direct reflection of the internal workings of your mind. Personal problems, bad habits, behaviors...anytype of emotional strain can greatly impact your decision making process and your ability to effecitely manage. 
My Executive Mindset Coaching Program focuses on identifying these aspects within the Executive Leadership Teams and then helping to realign the underlying Mindset

Guest Speaker on Mindset


I am available to speak at events, conferences and retreats around the world and online. My experience as a Mindset Coach and Business Consultant, combined with my passion, knowledge and expertise in the area of Positive Mindset Developoment make me an engaging and dynamic speaker.

My presentations can be tailored to the needs of your audience and organization, and are delivered with authenticity and inspiration. 

My fees for Speaking Engagements vary with size, time and location. 

I am available for Youth Oriented Speaking Engagements and Charity Events which are at No Charge. 

The Mindset Coach



I am Joshua Reid, a Transformational Mindset Coach and Business Consultant. I have over 25 years of study, practice and teaching in Personal Development, Mind and Body Coherence, Leadership Cultivation, Business Growth and Optimal Mindset Development.
With my unique approach to coaching I am able to elaborate complex and integrative concepts into easy to understand models. Coaching is a long process and requires massive amounts of energy and commitment from the client and the coach.

I an intense positive energy and awareness to each client as I develop trust based relationships and high levels of emotional and mental communication. I can quickly shift client paradigms and unmask mental and emotional obstructions. This removes the power from pain derived emotions that can shroud our mental state and impede our personal and professional development.
When it comes to self-growth, personal and professional improvement and shifting mindsets. I have the unique ability to transcend the ordinary and bring about positive effective change within someones life. 



One on One: All coaching sessions are a minimum of 1 hour long and can last sometimes up to 3 hours.

Group: Group coaching sessions are a approximately 2 hours long. 

This is a good question. The answer is really up to you. Everyone is different. From my experience, my clients see results within the first 30 minutes of the introduction session. Every session after that we aim to be results oriented. 

The cost of Mindset Coaching varies with the coach. I work with the individual or business to find an affordable rate that is agreed upon by both parties. 

An Accountability Coach is one that will consistently motivate you towards your goals. This includes text messsages, phone calls and social media call outs. 
To answer this questions. Yes I do. 


Mindset Coaching is a guided process of Self-Discovery and Personal Development that uses a basis of modern science, physiological movements, psycho-emotional surfacing, creative influence and various other tools. Together with a proprietary coaching methodology, a coach is able bring to the surface various mental limitations within the mind that impede oneself from progressiing in various areas of life and replace them will beneficial habits, behaviors and beliefs which in turn Transform your life into becoming the person you have always wanted to be. 

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